High-Speed Machine Vision Systems

The JETVision® family is a comprehensive, high-speed data collection and document integrity verification solution. Perfect for any business process or production system that requires a fully-functioning Track and Trace program.

Product Overview

Advanced Machine Vision Technology

The JETVision® machine vision system combines hardware and software solutions. Vision and sensing hardware attach to a production line, collecting data in real time. These data points help control processes by validating with an external file source or reporting to operation management.

JETVision’s robust inspection software reads, interprets and normalizes production control marks. These include features such as barcodes, serial numbers, or colors, and it mines data from virtually any document or object. Featured technologies enable both manufacturing and distribution supply chains to capture data at extreme speeds, with 100 percent integrity. This dynamic system combined with our next-generation Automated Document Factory platform provides the complete Factory Intelligence solution.

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