BH QuickCollect ST™ | Automated Retail Smart Locker

Automated Pickup and Storage Kiosk for High-value Items

Ideal for small electronics, digital media, cosmetics, and tools, the QuickCollect ST™ is a multi-portal pickup kiosk that enables retailers to automate the protection and delivery of high-value merchandise while ensuring that inventory is safely accounted, minimizing shrinkage.

Product Overview

Friction-Free Pickup, Greater Inventory Accountability


Provide a frictionless in-store pickup experience while providing a secure location to house small, costly items in your store. The QuickCollect ST™ offers retail asset protection by easily integrating into existing inventory management systems. As a result, it provides real-time asset tracking and detailed reporting of protected asset handling, preventing employee theft through user-defined restricted access levels.


Deployment Flexibility

The QuickCollect ST™’s small footprint enables retailers to deploy at the end of an aisle, in an atrium as a standalone unit, or as an extension to a customer service counter. Additionally, the “plug and play” design does not require special rigging or construction and uses standard 120 VAC power.


The optional, built-in payment functionality provides customers with a seamless payment process, further streamlining order/product pickup.


Enable a Streamlined In-Store Shopping Experience


The self-service design of the QuickCollect ST™ and customizable user experience also helps to eliminate the need to track down an employee to get access to protected assets. It improves the customer’s in-store shopping experience as well, freeing up employees for more value-added customer interactions.


Possible Use Cases for QuickCollect ST™

  • Online Order Pickup: Once an online order is placed online and ready for pickup, the customer is notified via email or text with a unique pickup code. When the customer arrives at the QuickCollect ST™ terminal, the customer will scan their unique pickup code.
  • Pay and Pickup: To purchase a protected product, the customer pulls a ticket before scanning and paying for the product at the QuickCollect ST™.
  • Secure Pickup Point: For retail asset protection, the customer pays for a protected asset at a traditional or self-checkout lane. Then, they scan their receipt at the QuickCollect ST™ to retrieve their item.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Experience a holistic service and support solution when your unit combines with Bell and Howell’s automated equipment services. From turnkey project management to a national parts network, we ultimately provide care 24/7 anywhere in the U.S. Contact us today to see how we can tailor a services program to meet your company’s unique business challenges.

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