BH QuickCollect RXTM | Pharmacy Kiosk System

The Industry's First Multi-User Automated Pharmacy Kiosk System

Experience the QuickCollect RXTM, a self-service pickup kiosk that automates the prescription pickup process. Eliminate customer wait times, deliver 24/7 accessibility, and improve pharmacy workflow through a simplified prescription validation, storage, and retrieval process.

Product Overview

Enhanced Customer Experience with Automated Prescription Storage

Simplify the prescription pickup process for both customers and pharmacists with the QuickCollect RX® automated prescription kiosk. Once a prescription is filled by pharmacy staff, the customer receives a text or email with their unique pickup code. The customer can then come to the pharmacy at their convenience, scan their code, and receive their prescription within seconds.

With an automated pharmacy locker, pharmacists can preload prescriptions ahead of time. This frees up availability for enhanced customer service.

Eliminate Customer Wait Time

QuickCollect RX® automated pharmacy storage and retrieval serves multiple customers at once, streamlining the pickup experience. Customers have access to two or more retrieval terminals while one induction terminal operates behind the counter for pharmacists. In this way, customers can pick up their orders even as pharmacists enter new prescriptions into the system.

Deployment Flexibility

Designed to easily integrate into existing pharmacies, QuickCollect Rx does not require special rigging or construction. For in-store use, deploy the automated pharmacy locker as a wall unit at the pharmacy counter. The solution can also deploy in the drive-thru or as a freestanding unit inside or outside the pharmacy.

Enable 24/7 Prescription Pickup

With video chat, customers can securely consult a pharmacist while they pick up their prescriptions, even after pharmacy hours. Automated storage streamlines pickup during peak hours and can encourage customers to pickup outside the busiest periods.

Complete Suite of Services

Experience a total service and support solution for your click and collect program with Bell and Howell’s automated equipment services. From turnkey project management to a national parts network, we provide care 24/7 anywhere in the U.S.

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