Sorting & Postal
Sorting & Postal

Sorting & Postal

Increase your productivity, process a wider variety of mail, and ensure greater flexibility with sorting & parcel solutions from Bell and Howell.

Reap the benefits of working with Bell and Howell, and realize higher efficiencies through enhanced productivity and quality control. Bell and Howell's letter and flats sorting platforms are widely used in the U.S. and Europe to meet the application needs of presorters, private posts and government posts.

Our sorting platforms process millions of mail pieces every day. We have developed and deployed over 1,000 high-speed letter and flat OCR systems, over 500 commercial high-speed sorting systems, and hundreds of sophisticated software systems on various commercial computer platforms.


for generating all USPS® reports for commingled mailings


for complying with Move Update requirements

Criterion Elevate

for a small footprint with advanced sorting functionality

EZ-Flats System

for earning the maximum discounts on First-Class flats

X-Class Sort Bins

for efficiently handling a wider variety of mail

Criterion Apex DM

for a fast and modular sorter that grows with your business needs


for automating outgoing or incoming flat mail sorting


for a milestone in the evolution of sorting software


for flexibility and productivity for both flats and letters

Read & Print Solutions

for enabling all your ink-jet printing needs


Investigating undocumented mail pieces & parcels

Preventative Maintenance

Data Protection and Recovery (DPR)

Self Maintenance Programs

Technical Training

Spare Parts and Consumables

Professional Services - Optimize Sorting Operation

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OEM Technical Services

Bell and Howell offers our award-winning Bell and Howell Services to other manufacturers too. Whether your company product sales are exceeding your service capabilities or you simply want to outsource some service functions, we can apply our mechatronics service experience to help you grow your business.

​Take a look at the services we can provide original equipment manufacturers.

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