Card & Secure ID
Card & Secure ID

Card & Secure ID

Bell and Howell has teamed with Otto Künnecke and NBS Technologies to offer a complete range of card attachment and mail fulfillment, as well as card personalization solutions. Products range from high-volume systems to desktop solutions, Bell and Howell along with Otto Künnecke and NBS Technologies has you covered.

DMEX Milling and Embedding Machine

for a turn-key smart card solution


for one of the lowest cost-per-card solutions in the industry

Horizon Evolution HD

for the next evolution in card issuance

ImageMaster D-40

for a high-speed single- or dual-sided plastic card printer

ImageMaster S-18

for one of the fastest, high-quality desktop card printers on the market today

Advantage M20 Desktop Card Embosser

for secure and reliable personalization and issuance of credit/debit cards

EMV Software Solutions

for advanced production performance features and management information controls

Xpressi Instant Issuance Software Solution

for secure and seamless smart card issuance

CASS C6000

for quick, individual and flexible card processing


for medium-volume card attachment operations


for a economical, compact and secure card attachment system

CISS Card Inspection and Sorting System

for securely automating card issuance

PPS-P Passport Processing System

for automatic packaging of passports

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Bell and Howell offers our award-winning Bell and Howell Services to other manufacturers too. Whether your company product sales are exceeding your service capabilities or you simply want to outsource some service functions, we can apply our mechatronics service experience to help you grow your business.

​Take a look at the services we can provide original equipment manufacturers.

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