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Advantage M20 Desktop Card Embosser

for secure and reliable personalization and issuance of credit/debit cards

Audit and Reporting

for controlling sure ....

AutoViri Robotic Mail Solutions

for automating highly repetitive manual functions of any operation


Bell and Howell International Representatives

find a representative near you

BH QuickCart™

Comprehensive click-and-collect solution for big box retailers

Booklet Makers

for seamless blend printing, cutting, sorting and binding technologies



Automate your e-Commerce pack and ship operation

CASS C6000

for quick, individual and flexible card processing


for a economical, compact and secure card attachment system


for medium-volume card attachment operations

CISS Card Inspection and Sorting System

for securely automating card issuance


Automated Parcel Terminal with Drawers


Next-generation of retail click-and-collect solutions

Client Job Tracking

for visibility and transparency into production operations


for reation of personalized, intuitive document design

CX Touchpoints Components

Comprehensive Omnichannel Communication Management Solution


Data Automation

for scalable application management


for controlling and managing inserter production

DMEX Milling and Embedding Machine

for a turn-key smart card solution

Doubles Detector

for adding integrity and efficiency to your mailings


eMessaging IQ

for personalized content delivery via website or mobile app

EMV Software Solutions

for advanced production performance features and management information controls



for dependability and low cost per piece

Forerunner with IQ

for dependability and low cost per piece

Front-end Reading

for reading and analyzing industry standard codes, images, and logos

FS-2000 Currency Sorter

for some of the highest throughput in the industry



for one of the lowest cost-per-card solutions in the industry

Horizon Evolution HD

for the next evolution in card issuance

Hosted IQ

for cloud-based software for mailers of all sizes


Image Output

for providing images for use in archive and other storage solutions

ImageMaster D-40

for a high-speed single- or dual-sided plastic card printer

ImageMaster S-18

for one of the fastest, high-quality desktop card printers on the market today

Incoming Devices

for more efficient mail processing


for mailpiece assembly finishing

IQ Suite

Next-generation management and analysis software solutions

Item Tracking

for item tracking and integrity


JETVision Platinum Slim

for line scan imaging technology

JETVision Quest

for ensuring integrity and quality in your production environment


for advanced quality and integrity control



for ensuring each component of an item is correctly brought together and assembled

Material Management

for defining and managing materials used to ensure high-quality work

MMT SABRE Platforms

for an multi-line optical character reader

Modular Mailing System (MMS)

Gunther International is now a part of Bell and Howell

Multi-Vendor Services

for highly trained, certified Customer Support Engineers



for improving production efficiency with a single point of control



Automated Parcel Terminal with Smart Storage System

Postal Verification

for increasing the flexibility, analysis and reporting

PPS-P Passport Processing System

for automatic packaging of passports

Preventive Maintenance

for cost-effective maintenance programs

Print Quality

for image and document quality analysis

Process Control

for controlling sure ....

Process Integrity

for identifying ....

Producer Series

for letters up to 25,000 cycles per hour with additional flats capability

Product Identification

for identifying ....

Product Quality

for making sure ....

Product Tracking and Work Order Management

for accurate data and visibility into production mail operations

Professional Services

for the expertise you need on your terms


Quality Assurance

for quality checks with dynamic reporting to reduce risk and lower costs


Read & Print Solutions

for enabling all your ink-jet printing needs


for more effective communication and a more trackable mailing process


for more effective communication and a more trackable mailing process

Reconditioned Equipment

for an alternative to a new equipment purchase


Self-Maintenance and Support Programs

for numerous self-service plans customized to meet your unique needs


for high-speed inserting into padded envelopes and rigid mailers

Software Based Verifier

for reading today’s Intelligent Mail® barcode

Solix Mail Tray Loader

for more output without adding labor cost



for ensuring proper handling of every item



for 100 percent quality control at full production speed


Xpressi Instant Issuance Software Solution

for secure and seamless smart card issuance

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