Continuous motion inserting for padded envelopes and rigid mailers.


E-commerce and fulfillment businesses can upgrade from the labor-intensive process of manually packing merchandise mailers. With the SmartMailer package inserter from Bell and Howell, as many as 2500 merchandise packages can be accurately and automatically assembled each hour.

The SmartMailer is a compact, continuous motion inserter with flexibility to work with rigid mailers or padded envelopes. These packages can be printed in-line, and tracked and sorted to simplify the outgoing shipments.

Bell and Howell brings automation & control to your packaging operation!

  • Works with a wide range of products and mailers for maximum flexibility.
  • Rotary feeders, shuttle feeders and manual override modules can work with standard or non-standard products.
  • Real time tracking and selective feeding made possible through barcode matching.
  • In line printing produces customized mailpieces.
  • Auditable reports of all product runs can help improve efficiency over time.

Padded Mailers:

Standard Envelope Size#1
  • Width: 290mm
  • Length: 240mm
  • Flap: 35mm
Standard Envelope#2
  • Width: 290mm
  • Length: 380mm
  • Flap: 40mm

Rigid Mailers:

Standard Envelope#1
  • Width: 335mm
  • Length: 235mm
  • Flap: 50mm
Standard Envelope#2
  • Width: 380mm
  • Length: 240mm
  • Flap: 45mm
  • Min. Enveloping Thickness: 2mm
  • Max. Enveloping Thickness: 25.4mm(not compressed
  • Max. Speed: 2,500 Bags/Hr.
Datasheet: SmartMailer

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