Document Factory

Document Factory

A Digital Transformation to a More Efficient Print Operation


Many print and mail production facilities are underutilized or have unresolved bottlenecks in the work flow. New jobs get stuck in onboarding, damaged mailpieces aren’t reprinted and verified, and electronic communications are independent from physical documents.

In the Document Factory solution, Bell and Howell’s Factory Intelligence concept is applied to print and mail operations to create a single point of control to manage, audit and report on an entire production facility. Document Factory is a combination of the centralized tracking and reporting capabilities of IQ-Production, the data collection and inspection capabilities of JETVision and the just-in-time user interface within IQ-Workbench working together to provide visibility and control to improve the document manufacturing process.

Document Factory is also the basis for specific tools to optimize workflows for the production of messaging, printed documents and mail.

  • Mass Onboarding - helps businesses bring new jobs in house more efficiently
  • Job Consolidation - combines print jobs in the most cost effective way
  • Automated Reprint - eliminates the risks involved with manual processes
  • Web Migration - makes the addition of online customer communications easy
  • Outsource Management - lets you keep control of your outsourced printed documents

Learn more about how these advances in workflow and data management can improve your printed document business.

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