The NetSort® sorting software platform is a milestone in the evolution of sorting software. It improves on the best elements from WinSort® and MaxiSORT.

Built on item-level tracking and a scalable client-server architecture, NetSort enables you to not just meet the new USPS® requirements for full-service use of Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMb™), but to also realize additional discounts and revenue opportunities. NetSort is available as an upgrade to a wide range of sorting platforms, with user-interface options for a WinSort look and feel.

The USPS® offers basic service and full-service options for implementing the IMb™. While the full-service option has many benefits, it can involve significant process changes.

Netsort Will:

  • Manage 45-day uniqueness for the mailpiece across multiple sorters and sites
  • Manage uniqueness for trays and containers
  • Create and submitting electronic mailing reports (Mail.dat & Mail.XML)

As the regulations governing business communications become increasingly demanding, companies are discovering that they must raise the minimum integrity standards they maintain in order to comply with industry regulations and to avoid hefty fines.
Bell and Howell’s MatchBack integrity module for the NetSort sorting software platform helps you adhere to the strictest corporate and governmental integrity guidelines and provides a detailed audit trail of every item processed.

The NetSort sorting software platform is positioned to maximize the opportunities brought about by the industry’s shift to full-service use of the IMb™. Our team will be glad to discuss your unique requirements and to implement the best solution possible.

Benefits from Full-Service:

  • Savings from free Address Correction Service (ACS™), using OneCode ACS® and free start-the-clock information
  • IMb Tracing™, with the option to integrate to Bell and Howell's Track N Trace® for improved mail integrity, visibility and monitoring of delivery standards leveraging the 45-day uniqueness
  • Additional discounts from the USPS®

Item-Level Tracking:

  • Validate expected vs. actual pieces with an item-level difference report by client
  • Track individual items at every stage of the process
  • Link other identification methods to the unique IMb™
  • Improve billing/chargeback accuracy

Maximize Savings by Merging Mail from Other Sites:

  • Be more competitive by reducing your mailing costs with the multi-site option in NetSort
  • Earn greater USPS® discounts with better qualification levels by merging mail from other sites
  • Analysis indicates an improvement of up to 25% in 5-digit qualification levels
  • Item-level tracking via a "validation mode" accounts for mail moved between sites (required by USPS) and minimizes errors

Address Quality Services:

  • Apply address-cleansing functionality used in data and list-processing environments with optional integration to BCC Mail Manager™
  • Achieve higher read rates by processing previously incorrect addresses
  • Improve delivery by reducing UAA mail
  • Save valuable sorter time by minimizing number of passes
  • Addresses to be cleansed can be obtained from:
  • Mailing lists used for mail creation
  • OCR information from envelope images processed by the reader
  • ACS information received from USPS

Base Platform Improvements:

  • True client-server architecture with Web-based access to the server
  • Enterprise-strength database to handle item-level data
  • Remote diagnostics capability to quickly engage specialists over the Internet for complex issues
  • Structured archival of mailing data and reports, with automated back-up
  • Advanced user-login setup with configurable access to various functionalities
  • Template-based approach reduces errors and maximizes productivity
  • Item-level data structure provides the ability to extend tracking upstream or through the USPS® network

A Netsort Upgrade/Installation Consists of:

  • Client application for each sorter
  • Server application for each site
  • Computers for the sorter and the server
  • Data conversion from your existing system
  • Training
  • On-site installation and setup
Datasheet: NetSort

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