Many mailroom managers wish to expand their operations to include flats processing, but do not handle large enough volumes of flats mail to justify the purchase. Those owning flats systems may face inadequate letter-sorting and quick processing capabilities. How can managers incorporate flats processing into a current operation while expanding the letter-sorting capabilities? FlexiSort is the solution.

  • Continually feeds the full spectrum of flats and letters at high throughput rates with FlexiSort’s vacuum-assisted friction picking system

  • Maximizes throughput with standard-gap feeding, assuring the greatest number of mailpieces are on the transport during a run and, in turn, providing the maximum throughput regardless of size

  • Supports WinSort and NetSort, Bell and Howell's industry-leading intelligent sorting software for outgoing applications

  • First-Class™ tray-based and bundle-based preparation allows the greatest possible automation discounts

  • Dramatically increases barcode assignments with the MMT SABRE software-based reader

  • Reliable and proven Linerless Label Applicator ensures a clear location for barcode printing

  • In-line scale allows on-the-fly weighing at speeds up to 17,000 pieces per hour

  • LED lighting system tightly integrates illumination, digital image capture, multiple character-recognition engines and our industry-leading CASS™-database look-up software into a single system

  • Supports WinSort INprocessing software, WinSort’s counterpart for incoming mail

Cycling speed
  • 5" postcards: 32,000 per hour
  • 9 1/2" envelopes: 25,000 per hour
  • 15" flats: 5,000 per hour
  • Compatible with all Bell and Howell WinSort and NetSort sorter software
  • Reader: MMT SABRE
Sorting types
  • Outgoing options: First-Class letters; First-Class flats — tray-based and bundle-based preparation; Standard Mail® letter and flats; drop ship; full address recognition and look-up; barcode sorting
  • Incoming Options: P.O. Box; ZIP Code™; barcode; vanity address; customer database look-up; check detection; thickness; length; height; metal detection; marking; opening
  • Temperature: 40-105 degrees F (5-40 degrees C)
  • Humidity: 8%-90% (non-condensing)
  • Maximum: 12.0" x 15.0" (305 mm x 381 mm)
  • Minimum: 3.5" x 5.0" (89 mm x 127 mm)
  • Maximum Thickness: 0.500" (12.7 mm)
  • Minimum Thickness: 0.009" (0.23 mm)
  • Maximum Weight: 16 oz. (454 g)
  • Minimum Weight: 0.07 oz. (2 g)
  • U.S. and Canada: 120/208 WYE VAC (+6%, - 10%), 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground, 60Hz (± 2 Hz)
  • 32 amp service (10-20 bin)
  • 50 amp service (30-40 bin)
  • 63 amp service (50-60 bin)
  • 80 amp service (70-80 bin)
  • 100 amp service (90-100 bin)
  • 125 amp service (110-120 bin)
  • Current values include optional feature module
  • 100 psi, 5 SCFM
Datasheet: Flexisort

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