Criterion Apex

Criterion Apex

The fast and modular sorter that grows with your business needs.

Handling virtually any mail type need is a challenge faced almost daily. We are pleased to extend the proven capability of the Criterion Apex sorter into the direct mail environment with the Criterion Apex DM.

Until recently, it was not efficient, or even possible, to attempt sorting certain types of mailpiece designs. We’ve changed that by introducing technology into the Criterion Apex DM that allows you to easily sort heavyweight, heavy-letter, slick/glossy, tall mail and much more. With operating speeds up to 72,000 pieces per hour, the Criterion Apex DM gives you the ability to process more of your mail than ever before.

Cycle Scans

  • Postcard: 72,000
  • #10 Envelope: 47,000 p/h
  • #9 Envelope: 49,500 p/h
  • #7 Envelope: 58,000 p/h

Belt Speed

  • 167 ips

Dimensions without bins

  • Barcode reader: 119” x 68.5”
  • MLOCR: 174” x 68.5”
  • MLOCR with optional WayMark: 227” x 68.5”

Datasheet: Criterion Apex
Case Study: SourceHOV
Datasheet: Inbound Sorting Systems

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