Reconditioned Equipment

Reconditioned Equipment

An Alternative to Buying New 

With Bell and Howell reconditioned products, you have an option! We provide an alternative to a new equipment purchase, and our equipment can equal the features, functionality and warranty terms found on new equipment. We offer a wide range of inserting and finishing equipment for the mailing industry through headquarters in Durham, NC.

We can add machine performance, machine efficiency and mailpiece integrity enhancements to original equipment increasing the range of your applications. 

Reconditioned equipment can be more cost-effective than new equipment, often yielding the same benefits.

Bell and Howell strives to meet your requirements by retaining the correct mix of legacy equipment inventory. We can quickly recondition your existing equipment, pull from our inventory or source from our industry to make sure your needs are met in a timely manner with the quality you expect from Bell and Howell.

What makes us different?

Other vendors might focus on selling you a machine that has been refurbished on the outside. But be wary of simple cosmetic up-fits. We prove a 350-point inspection of internal mechanical and electrical systems, replacing and repairing the things you cannot see from the outside. This is why our solution is supported with the same warranty terms as a new product.

Each piece of equipment is assigned a team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers, who rebuild, certify and test each machine against the application requirements you set. We add the latest control system and user interface to our certified rebuilt equipment. This allows for upgrades that enhance the machine performance far beyond the equipments’ original configuration limits.

Datasheet: Product Reconditioning Services

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