MPM - multipageMailer

MPM - multipageMailer

Adapting envelope design to maximize advertising possibilities and boost response rates.

Bell and Howells’ MPM multipageMAILER provides time, space, efficiency, and security, allowing for the production of transactional documents and letters with custom outer envelopes in a single pass.

The MPM feeds, folds and seals an envelope inline, using the same paper as the interior sheets. Designed for simplicity, it is easy to install and operate, with a compact construction and touch screen controls.

Key Benefits

Save Money - No envelopes saves a minimum of $0.01 per mailpiece. Pennies add up to dollars! 

Efficiency – Combining mail streams saves production time. The MPM pays for itself! 

Security – Eliminating windows means complete privacy for recipient data. 

Transpromo Onserts – Add marketing messages inside the envelope. 

Reduced Overhead – Use less floor space by eliminating warehouse outer envelopes. 

Servo Feeder and Alignment Table with Timed Slitting Unit

The MPM feeder accommodates up to three insert pages plus the outer envelope – from either cut sheet or continuous form roll – then the timed slitting unit trims the content sheets. The outer envelope sheet remains its original size so it may be wrapped around the contents.

Belt Accumulator and Cold Glue System

The accumulator collects all the pieces of the mailing before the set is folded to its final size. And the application of cold glue reliably seals the complete mailpiece – making it 100% tamper proof. Plus, the fully automatic folding system can be used for normal folding jobs, too, offering maximum flexibility.

Diverter and Perforating Module with Sealing Station

Working together, the camera system and diverter guarantee permanent security throughout the production cycle and ensure only impeccable mailpieces reach the delivery table. And the perforated edges allow for easy opening by the mailpiece recipient.

Feeding Speed (sheets/hr for Letter / A4)

Maximum for self mailer 1-sheet only - 25,000
Maximum for letter + envelope sheet - 12,500
Maximum for 2 letters + envelope sheet  -  8,333
Maximum for 3 letters + envelope sheet - 6,250

Note: rated speeds based on 24lb

Paper Size

Maximum – 10” x 11.0” Flat (Unfolded)
Minimum – 7.1” x 8.25”

Note: Insert sheets are trimmed 1” ( ½” on each side) inside the created envelope

Paper Weight

20 to 24lb – (75-90 GSM, 50-60 Offset)

Feeder Capacity

Max 3,000 sheets (24# Bond / 90 GSM)

Envelope Output Capacity and Options

Self Mailer = 1-sheet

Wrapped Documents

1 sheet = envelope + 1-2 sheets for Inserts (2 max sheets)

Inserted Documents

1 sheet = envelope + 2 sheets + Insert if Optional is purchased

Air System

Standard is house air
Optional – Air Compressor

Trim/ Waste

Standard Two Bag Trim Waste Unit included
Optional – House vacuum

Reading System 

Camera reading system from the bottom in the feeder

Gluing System

Cold glue system includes 4 glue guns
2 additional glue guns may be optionally configured.


US: Transformer included 3 z / 208 V / 60 Hz / 30 A
EU and South America: 3 z / 400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

Optional Equipment

Software systems for audit verification, monitoring, and  reporting
1-Insert Station for return envelopes (future)

Watch the MPM Video
Datasheet: MPM MultiPage Mailer

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