PPS P Passport Processing System

PPS P Passport Processing System

Bell and Howell has teamed with Otto Künnecke to offer the PPS packaging and banding module. The PPS packaging and banding module can be directly connected to the PPS verification and/or sorting systems or be used as a standalone system.

Automatic packaging of passports

The system feeds passports with one or two conveyors. The operator can feed passports during the operation process maintaining a continuous process without interruption.

To ensure integrity, a barcode reader verifies the passport holder’s information. The sorting and grouping criteria can be built into the barcode or can come from a database using the DIALok Data Center.

A variable number (minimum two) of passports can be assembled within a group. For high security, passports that cannot be read are bypassed. After verification, the passports are transported into the turning unit.

Passports are rotated 180°, creating sets with opposite-facing spines, enabling perfect assembly.

The PPS packaging system can be equipped with one or two banding modules, allowing for single- or cross-banding, respectively.

The first banding module bands the assembled passports on the long side of the passport, while the second module bands them on the short side. The number of passports that can be banded can range from 2-50 passports without any adjustment to the system.

Datasheet: PPS P Passport Processing System

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