Machine Control (SmartSys)

Machine Control (SmartSys)

Bell and Howell has teamed with NBS to introduce a new and innovative approach to machine and job control for card production and personalization in the form of the SmartSys framework.

This machine control software suite is built from the ground up and forms the basis of our overall MCS “go-forward” strategy.


SmartSys contains a number of strong diagnostics tools that assist in isolating faults as well as some built-in reports that collect data that will make trends analysis easier. This, coupled with a power arcnet communication monitor, is a very useful fault isolation. Note: The diagnostic tools described are only available for Horizon Series products.

Machine setup

This section allows the machine to be set up and adjusted as required for the current production needs. Card personalization elements can be activated or turned off as needed with a click of the mouse. This section also allows your technical staff access to detailed performance parameters that might require adjustment.

Card layout editor

This section allows production jobs to be created and saved in order to facilitate repetitive production of certain card types. A card layout and corresponding machine configuration can be saved together for the production of certain card types and therefore are easily available for recall the next time the saved card type is to be produced.

This tool also limits opportunities for errors by machine operators by linking known good setup and preventing unintentional changes. SmartSys now supports the generation and printing of QR codes as standard feature.

Audit trail and machine reports

SmartSys has powerful yet simple-to-use reporting functions. Audit trail reports can easily be customized to include any and or all fields from the database record along with time stamp of when the card was produced. The software also includes few standard reports that summarize all production activity.

Datasheet: SmartSys

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