You demand innovation, choice, flexibility, and a smarter way of doing business. Bell and Howell and NBS give you all the advantages you want with the Horizon, one of the most complete end-to-end card issuance systems available.

The Horizon card personalization system is designed to be both scalable and flexible. The vast array of card personalization elements (CPE) offered on the Horizon platform meet the current and future needs of the mid- to high-volume card personalization markets. The built-in flexibility of the Horizon allows for seamless customization as production requirements change.

Cost per card: The single most important metric to most card personalization experts is cost per card. The Horizon platform achieves a significant advantage over competitive products in its range when it comes to cost per card.

Flexibility: The Horizon hardware platform coupled with the SmartSys machine control software combines to make the NBS card personalization system simple to set up and operate while maintaining ultimate flexibility.

The power of SmartSys is compatible with a wide variety of data formats and offers powerful yet easy-to-use tools such as a JDM (card design/layout), machine performance statistics, audit trail tools that provide full traceability and a powerful set of machine diagnostic capabilities.

Cost of Ownership This fully customizable, modular system is proven to provide one of the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The Horizon is designed with performance, reliability, cost and serviceability in mind. NBS offers a wide range of costeffective product support services ranging from full on-site support to unlimited access to a global team of product support specialists.

If cost of ownership is important to you, then the Horizon is the ideal choice for your mid- to high-volume card personalization system.

Datasheet: Horizon

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