CISS Card Inspection and Sorting System

CISS Card Inspection and Sorting System

Securely Automating Card Issuance

When security, speed and ROI matter, the Card Inspection & Sorting System (CISS) is the perfect choice of automated card processing machinery. Bell and Howell teamed up with Otto Künnecke to optimize instant card issuance. The CISS can help you drive out unnecessary manual processing costs, stay competitive and increase your customers' satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Full audit trail
  • Full data verification
  • Encodes mag stripes
  • Encodes smart chips to EMV standards
  • Modularity — add functionality as needs change
  • Reads chip, magstripe, OCR and virtually all barcodes
  • Integration with courier solution to automatically generate shipping documentation
Datasheet: CISS

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