Data Protection and Recovery

Data Protection and Recovery


Network-based Protection and Restoration of Your Entire Sorting Operation

Depending upon the scale of your business, your Bell and Howell sorting operation may include between 5 and 45 individual computers and servers. While designed for industrial applications, these computers are not immune to hard disk and other failures that can corrupt your data, wipe out configurations, and bring your sorting services to a halt.

Sorter computer failure can be a disasterIn order to protect your data and system configurations, it is critical to regularly back up the hard drives and configuration files of these systems. Unfortunately, the various computer models and operating systems involved make this difficult to perform in practice. And when a problem does occur, restoring your entire environment will take many hours and sometimes several days, causing significant disruption to your sorting operation.

For these reasons, Bell and Howell has introduced the Data Protection and Recovery (DPR) service – a set of tools that streamline the process of performing these backups and make restoration easy. With DPR, you can dramatically reduce the downtime associated with sorting computer failures.

What is Included

Bell and Howell’s DPR Service is available through an annual service agreement that includes installation of a high-availability local network storage unit with dual disk redundancy, customized backup and restoration software, complete documentation, and operator training. In addition, we provide a standby hard disk selected for your particular environment and readily available to accelerate recovery from a hard disk failure on one of your systems.

How it Works

At regular intervals – we’ll work with you to determine the optimal timing for your environment – your operator performs backups of the sorting servers and various sorting computers onto the local storage unit attached to your sorting network. The procedure is straightforward, and your entire site can be managed using the same process. In the event of a failure, your operator replaces the failed hard disk or computer then simply executes the recovery procedure to restore software and the configuration data needed to get you back up and running. The entire recovery operation can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, and our technical support team is available 24x7 to help guide you through the process.

Download DPR Datasheet

Dramatically reduce downtime associated with computer failures

  • Protects against computer, hard drive and data corruption
  • Enables rapid restoration of both system and configuration data
  • Protects all embedded PCs as well as NetSort & MOVEComply servers
  • Protects all Bell and Howell sorting platforms and configurations
  • Protects entire sorting operation— not just one system

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