Team Member Spotlight

On a Mission: Business Development Manager Helps Save Lives While Stationed Abroad

By Nabeel Jaitapker, M.A.

Playing peacekeeper in a landlocked disputed territory in Southeast Europe comes with its fair share of challenges. For instance, being part of the team providing 24-hour on-call medevac support to fly patients in critical condition to aid stations within and outside of Kosovo, a partially recognized state located in the central Balkan Peninsula.

But that’s the world of Bell and Howell employee Todd Downey, currently stationed in Kosovo on a NATO peacekeeping mission.

Todd Downey currently supports a team providing 24-hour on-call medevac support in Kosovo. He has been with Bell and Howell for almost 20 years.

“Part of my duties include providing on-ground support for those offering medical aid and life flight for local soldiers, both U.S. and foreign,” said Downey, who manages a team of soldiers that maintains flight records and radio contact, as well as flight planning for daily aircraft missions.

Downey has been associated with the Arizona Army National Guard since he entered in 1993, working as Aviation Operations Specialist and Ground Equipment Repairer. He holds ratings as a fixed wing pilot in General Aviation and has had an interest in ARMY Aviation and the support rotor wing missions from the start of his military career.

“I enjoy the camaraderie and the professionalism the military provides,” he said. “It’s also something that is present at Bell and Howell.”

Downey, who works as a business development manager when he’s not stationed in Kosovo, is celebrating his 20th anniversary with Bell and Howell this year. He started as a resident technician and eventually became a district service manager.

When not supporting missions or keeping busy at Bell and Howell, Downey enjoys gardening and camping with his best friend and wife, Susie, and their blended family of four kids.

“We have a hobby farm in the mountains where we raise goats, pigs and chickens,” he said. “It keeps us pretty busy.”

He added that he enjoys woodworking and metal fabrication. Through all his experiences in life, Downey attributes his professional success to Bell and Howell.

“They have been a steady rock and continue to let me grow and explore myself as both a technician and a manager,” he said. “I’m grateful to the Bell and Howell team for keeping everything in check for my family and me while I’m stationed abroad.”

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