Maximize Printer ROI with a Maintenance Extension

Maximize Printer ROI with a Maintenance Extension


Ricoh recently announced it would no longer be supporting the Infoprint 3900-series printers. Operations relying on these workhorse devices every day to create mission-critical output have been wondering just what the new policy means to their organizations. Bell and Howell has the answer.


Companies use these continuous form laser printers for important high-volume applications like policies, bills and statements. They have got legacy applications generating the AFP data streams ingested by these devices that produce output in simplex or duplex at high speed. Properly maintained printers are churning out documents as they have done for years. Print operations managers are not ready to retire them just yet, but sustained reliance on printers destined for discontinued manufacturer support can seem risky.

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Keep the Printers Producing
Bell and Howell Service recognized these devices were essential to printing operations across the country. They have developed an Infoprint 3900 Maintenance Extension program to ensure any company in North America that depends on these printers has access to a capable team of service professionals ready to protect these valuable assets. The Bell and Howell Service engineers can keep the Infoprint 3900, 4000, and 4100 models running efficiently as long as customers need them. Companies running these Infoprint devices may consider newer printing platforms eventually, but thanks to Bell and Howell Service, they can transition on their own schedule. No one wants to be forced into an upgrade decision before they are ready.

Switching printers, particularly when moving from monochrome toner to full-color inkjet, is a significant investment. The costs of such a migration extend beyond the printing devices themselves. Inline finishing equipment, composition software, applications development, paper stock, training, color management, and changes in print description languages may all be necessary. Printer conversions take time, study, and planning. Print operations managers should not have to feel they are on borrowed time with their existing printer fleet. Continuing to do business using their fully depreciated printers while the inkjet evaluation proceeds at a comfortable pace is the best most economical strategy. However, equipment that has processed millions of pages in its lifetime requires a comprehensive maintenance program to keep producing until the company is ready to replace it. That is where the Bell and Howell 3900 Maintenance Extension plays a part.

The 3900 Maintenance Extension Program
Bell and Howell’s service program includes preventative maintenance, parts, refurbishing, and toner conversions on the printers themselves. Bell and Howell technicians can also keep pre and post-printing machinery in top working order. It will not matter how well the printer is running if other components break down. The Bell and Howell Service technicians do not leave the facility unless all the equipment is running smoothly.

The 700+ North American service engineers at Bell and Howell have been trained to maintain most electromechanical equipment deployed in document production centers, including several varieties of printers. Customers can save money and enjoy a better customer experience by transferring the responsibility for keeping the shop running into the hands of a single partner. There won’t be any finger-pointing going on if some process is not working as it should. With Bell and Howell providing all the machine maintenance and repair services, customers will have only one call to make.

Bell Howell - Printer Services ProgramBell and Howell’s Service philosophy differs from most. They do not plan service calls based on elapsed calendar days, but on volumes, peak periods, and risk exposure. Each Bell and Howell Service customer has a service plan structured specifically for their individual business. Plans may include custom service hours, document management consulting, parts, or even certified refurbishing.

World Class Service Support
Round the clock access to Bell and Howell’s USA-based Customer Care Center is a benefit local repair people or even original equipment manufacturers may not offer. Customers needing help can schedule service calls, order parts, or track orders through the Customer Care Center, but that is not all. Bell and Howell’s Technical Assistance Center is staffed with subject matter experts armed with detailed technical documentation. They can answer most of the questions likely to arise about the Infoprint 3900 family of printers – or any other equipment covered by the servicing plan.

Document center managers who have struggled with scheduling service appointments from multiple companies will appreciate the decrease in downtime that comes from having a single crew maintaining all the production equipment. No longer will they be waiting for someone to fix the folder only to find out they need to call the inserting repair person next. Bell and Howell’s multi-vendor servicing support eliminates all those problems while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of machine maintenance.

Any printing operation planning on using their Infoprint 3900, 4000, or 4100 laser printers for continued operations needs to have a reliable and efficient maintenance strategy in place. Bell and Howell Service has developed their program to meet the needs of these particular organizations.

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