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Christopher Hill

Engaged. Strategic. Growth-Oriented.

Joining Bell and Howell in 2017 as Vice President and General Manager of QuickCollect Solutions, Christopher guides his business unit with strategies that expand product development, business development and operations. He uses his executive experience leading multi-site teams across operations, customer experience, and technology to ultimately help clients develop meaningful strategies for the next generation of retail.

Larry Blue

President and Chief Executive Officer

Larry Blue is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bell and Howell.

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Arthur Bergens

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Arthur Bergens is the Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Bell and Howell since joining the company as CFO in March 2014.

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Jim Feely

Senior VP, Service Solutions

Jim develops successful growth strategies in the service and sales industries and leads Bell and Howell’s award-winning service team.

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Earle Painter

GM / VP, Heritage Business Unit

Earle provides solutions for current and future demands in the Production Mail, Card Manufacturing & Packaging space.

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Christopher Hill

VP & GM, QuickCollect Solutions

Driving adoption of automated solutions for retail, grocery and pharmacy, Christopher leads the click-and-collect business unit.

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Brian Irish

VP, Marketing

Brian leads the marketing efforts with a passionate focus on getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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Steve Thomas

VP, People & Organizations

Steve drives growth through an engaged workforce as the head of Human Resources.

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