Remote Monitoring and Repair

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Maximize Equipment Uptime and Efficiency with Remote 360

Remote 360 is a comprehensive suite of remote monitoring, diagnostics and repair service to help businesses be more proactive with their maintenance programs, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

We connect directly to IoT-enabled equipment to monitor a machine’s condition, usage and performance to maximize equipment uptime and availability in real time.

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Remote Monitoring at NOC

Proactive Approach to Maintenance

Remote 360 collects condition, utilization, and operating data from sensors on a connected system. If there are any anomalies or errors in the system, our Network Operations Center is notified immediately and can begin the process of diagnosis and repair to identify the root cause of the issue.

Our advanced IoT-based system also uses historical error and service data to improve maintenance planning and even predict future equipment failures.

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Real-Time Visibility

Remote 360 enables businesses to visualize and drill down into their equipment’s’ data to see everything from the condition, usage, and operating data to detailed reports on service order history from a single, customizable dashboard.

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Backed by an Award-winning Support Team

Bell and Howell Support Services offers a deep bench of service engineers on the job 24/7, remotely troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing equipment issues proactively, often-times before a customer even knows there was an issue.

If we cannot solve the issue remotely, we’ll dispatch a service engineer with a full diagnostic on the root cause of the problem, the corrective course of action, and the parts needed to repair the equipment right the first time.

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