Reconditioned Equipment

From field refurbishing to complete factory remanufacturing, we offer a variety of reconditioning services at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Field Refurbished

Level 1: Field Refurbished

Your Equipment. Your Facility

After evaluating your machine and customizing a plan, we provide detailed onsite inspection and service for your product to look and run like new. We also replace broken and worn parts, restore safety features, and upgrade electronics, all with a 45-day warranty.

Factory Refurbished

Level 2: Factory Refurbished

Equipment Refurbished at Our Factory

Ship your equipment to our facility for a complete in-depth inspection and service. Machines will look and run like new, thanks to dry ice cleaning and new covers and fresh paint. Additionally, in-house experts inspect and test every aspect of the machine to meet original performance specifications.

Factory Remanufactured

Level 3: Factory Remanufactured

OEM Rebuild of Customer and Remarketed Equipment

The peak of rebuilds. Equipment is shipped to our facility, where we’ll completely reassemble with new or remanufactured parts. In addition to standard enhancements, choose to customize your machine with add-ons available in the latest equipment. The finished product looks and performs identical to a new system, with a 90-day warranty for added satisfaction.

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Product Reconditioning Services

It’s not always possible to replace or repair a tired machine. That’s why our product reconditioning services are here to help. Find out how we can provide you with a cost-effective alternative to replacing your equipment.


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