Remote Monitoring

Ensure maximum equipment uptime and efficiency with BH Remote 360, a comprehensive solution of remote monitoring, diagnostics and repair services. The PTC ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform collects and transmits real-time data from IoT-enabled assets. This allows our service technicians to remotely track, troubleshoot, control and repair your systems, saving you valuable time and money.

Inside the packrobot pickup tower smart locker solution featured in Bell and Howell's real-time remote monitoring and data analytics services

Remote Monitoring

Increase efficiency through real-time visibility.

Optimize asset performance with 24/7/365 remote monitoring of IoT-enabled industrial machines. Our service team is automatically notified when there is a problem, letting our technicians proactively resolve your issues for maximum uptime and availability.

Remote monitoring remote dashboard for iot-enabled services from Bell and Howell

Remote Diagnostics

Access real-time data to identify the problem.

Identify the root issue without waiting for a technician dispatch. With our remote diagnostic capabilities, if there is a problem, our service team can remotely access the machine and its sensor data. We can determine where the critical error occurred, reducing costs and minimizing downtime.

Remote Repair

Increase efficiency and uptime for your operations.

Once the issue is diagnosed, our service team can attempt to remotely repair the issue. If a technician needs to be dispatched to complete the repair, they can arrive fully prepared with the knowledge and proper parts needed to fix your equipment, increasing service efficiency and machine availability.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyzing historical data to prevent future failure.

Utilizing the PTC ThingWorx platform, our service team can set data points, time intervals or other metrics to enable machine learning. IoT-enabled assets collect data over time, automatically notifying our team when the equipment will require service. This minimizes machine downtime and improves the customer experience.

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BH REMOTE 360: Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics & Repair

In today’s competitive landscape, it is more important than ever to ensure maximum machine uptime and availability. Protect your operations from unnecessary downtime with BH Remote 360, a comprehensive solution of remote monitoring, diagnostics and repair services.

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