Read & Print Solutions

Read & Print Solutions

With a JETVision® Read & Print solution, envelope addressing, mailpiece personalization and targeted marketing have never been easier or more cost effective.

Our JETVision Read & Print solution combines ink-jet printing with JETVision reading to offer low-cost printing options for a wide range of uses. With a JETVision Read & Print solution, you can enhance each mailpiece with addresses and postal codes, dynamic or fixed graphics, marketing messages, time/date stamps and more.

Personalization Solutions

Print personalized messages, graphics, and barcodes on inserts, control documents, return and outer envelopes

Print control barcodes to automate downstream processes

Personalize cards and carriers in-line

Ink-jet Head Options

Apollo — affordable thermal ink for simple text to complex imaging

Atom — affordable Piezo ink for simple addressing, graphics, text and barcodes

Atlas — Piezo solvent ink for highvolume, high-speed printing on a wide range of substrates

Aurora — Renoir UV ink for durable high-speed printing on a wide range of substrates, with no harmful chemicals found in other inks.



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