Using Omnichannel Customer Communication Effectively

Omnichannel customer communication, at its core, has always been about a seamless experience. The goal: inform and guide consumer behavior through the entire business lifecycle

But for true success, there must be true channel integration to work well on a business’ backend. Forward-thinking businesses strive to interact with consumers as a competitive advantage. In this way, they help retain customers and drive behavior to lower cost solutions and services. However, with several platforms, a business often ends up over-paying for those platforms to sync. This is especially true in high-consequence industries, such as finance and health care.

Addressing all the requirements of physical and digital customer communications in an effective manner is no simple feat. This is even more prevalent when there are financial barriers and regulations, and complexities associated with traditional solutions.

Omnichannel Customer Communication Integration Challenges

Some of the challenges businesses currently face include missing email addresses and phone numbers for customers. Additionally, data is often locked up in legacy silos due to disparate communication technologies, leading to multi-phased projects that are often left incomplete, and high-postage and delivery costs. Then there’s the fear of data breaches, privacy concerns, cost of compliance and looming fines and penalties.

But the primary reason many companies face these challenges is typically due to having a wrong focus, message and approach to customer communications.

What businesses need to realize is that their goal should be one of optimizing the value of each customer relationship through effective omnichannel customer communication. One, which maximizes revenue and customer retention, while minimizing cost.

This is the essence of a customer engagement model, which is now achievable thanks to an industry-leading solution that integrates best-of-breed technologies into a single cloud-based platform.

Turning Communication into Meaningful Conversations

With CX Touchpoints℠ from Bell and Howell, businesses can unify and simplify their omnichannel customer communication. Plus, the system works in a cost-effective and user-intuitive software platform. Additionally, the platform helps businesses retain, grow and delight their customers by changing communications into meaningful conversations. All of this takes place while keeping their data secure.

Instead of building solutions around evolving technology, businesses can focus on the customer’s best interest. This, ultimately, reshapes the customer experience.

Putting Your Data to Work

For example, CX Touchpoints℠ pulls data from internal and external sources, and runs that through a normalization and aggregation process. The result is a relational database, which passes through a business rules creation process to generate communication with targeted content. Once the communication is delivered to the customer, the platform aggregates the incoming data (email deliveries, opens and click-through rates) and sends it back to the relational database. This simplifies the transition of restrictive legacy approaches, while removing operational barriers, in a one-stop digital solution.

True omnichannel customer communication is not only the evolutionary next step for many businesses, but it is also a core strategy for companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage. That is, an improved customer experience.

About CX Touchpoints℠

The CX Touchpoints℠ business unit was created to support Bell and Howell’s push into the customer experience arena. The CX Solutions Group is led by Senior Vice President Mike Lambert.

The group also comprises Vice President Christopher Hill, who pioneered one of the most advanced ADF platforms in the world during his time at Citigroup. Most recently, Hill developed business strategies for several communication service providers.

Additionally, the group includes Rick Jablonski, who has an extensive background in enterprise sales leadership, focusing on disruptive technology and transformative business solutions with providers such as IBM and Bloom Energy. Jablonski is Vice President of CX Solutions Sales.