Vice President, Customer Support Services

Since joining Bell and Howell as a Customer Service Technician in 1988, Don Bullock has been a driving force behind the company’s digital transformation from a manufacturing business to a next-generation service organization. So when Bell and Howell entered the retail click-and-collect market with the launch of its smart locker business in 2015, Don was instrumental in taking the company’s service organization to the next level.

“Over the years, as technology has evolved, the products we have manufactured and serviced have changed greatly, but the overall character and focus of the company has not,” said Don. “It has always been about providing the best possible experience for the customer.”

Don has spearheaded several major service initiatives for Bell and Howell, from designing and developing a modernized Network Operations Center (NOC), Customer Care Center (CCC) and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to crafting the company’s world-renowned technical training programs and orchestrating the integration of new technologies and technicians through several company acquisitions.

Now, as vice president of Bell and Howell’s Customer Support Services, Don is leading the company’s evolution in providing next-generation service capabilities, such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Backed by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Bell and Howell’s service team can predict and prevent failure before it happens, maximizing uptime for customers.

To achieve the scalability and versatility needed to address unique customer challenges across several industries, Don has been at the forefront of technology, selecting partners and platforms that enable Bell and Howell to harness the power of newer technologies such as IoT and advanced analytics. These innovative service tools and technologies allow the company to transform data into actionable insights to help improve equipment uptime and efficiency, increase employee efficiency and ultimately drive better business decision-making.

“IoT is still in its infancy and will continue to evolve in the coming years.” Don said. “Bell and Howell is evolving our understanding and leveraging the true capabilities and benefits of a connected world.”

Don has made a successful career evolving Bell and Howell’s service organization. According to Don, the next step in his journey is searching for cost-effective and timely methods of connecting the thousands of unintelligent legacy systems currently deployed around the world so they too can benefit from Bell and Howell’s digital transformation.