iQ Item

Piece-level reporting and tracking

iQ Item enables real-time operational visibility, reconciliation, and reporting on individual pieces throughout the entire mail creation process. This centralized software validates individual item status and proof of mailing across multiple systems or sites.

Product Overview

Automate the Validation and Reporting Processes

Using a variety of JETVision data collection sources, iQ Item automates manual check and balance processes to enable mail manufacturers to validate individual item status across multiple systems, provide customers with 100% proof of mailing, and ensure that organizations remain compliant with industry and governmental regulations.

iQ Item uses a multi-level, role-based web portal to provide everyone, from the operator to management, with real-time visibility of any piece currently in production. Manufacturers can centrally manage processing results and drill-down into item-level views of their operation. The portal provides a detailed application piece-level summary, including a historical event log for each status change. Navigation and GUI are consistent, no matter if they are on managers’ laptops or at a machine on the production floor.

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