Quantum 4C Color Inkjet Printer

Industrial Inkjet Marking System

The Quantum 4C Color Inkjet Printer is a high-resolution color inkjet printer that offers unprecedented print capabilities in a self-contained, portability, and dynamic system. This variable color printing solution is ideal for production environments that need a rugged, reliable system to handle a unique mix of color graphics, texts, and barcodes in a single pass.

Product Overview

Self-Contained, High-Quality Color Print Technology

We partnered with Buskro to deliver the highest quality high-speed variable color print solution on the market. Quantum 4C Color Inkjet Printer provides amazing 600 x 1,200 DPI color images for up to 4.25″ of vertical coverage. All the printer elements are fully integrated inside the printer’s body. This provides print and mail operations unprecedented portability, installation flexibility, and serviceability.

CMYK Printing for Crisp, Vibrant Results

With four separate color print modules (CMYK), TRUEFLOW active ink management, and Compose iQ Color Print Management Software, Quantum 4C is capable of printing crisp, vibrant variable images. Quantum 4C delivers uncompromising print quality in a single pass on a variety of substrates, including paper, plastics, and packaging materials. Additionally, to limit possible ink migration and drop spread, we offer an optional LED curing lamp kit to lock UV curable inks into place.

Trueflow Color Ink Technologies

The Quantum 4C system includes Buskro’s TRUEFLOW active ink management system. This proven system ensure an adequate supply of treated color inks (CMYK) to each of the print modules. TRUEFLOW actively pumps, filters, and degases each of the inks to ensure continuous high-resolution printing at elevated production speeds.

Compose IQ Color Print Management Software

From simple barcoding to applying various colors selected from stored palettes to texts, boxes, and lines, the Compose IQ Color Print Management Software streamlines the manipulation and management of your color print jobs. Easily import common color files, like PDF, bitmaps, and JPEGs, and even mask out color backgrounds to add white text to a variety of substrates.

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