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PackRobot by Cleveron

Automated Pickup Tower Storing 520 Packages At Once

The PackRobot pickup tower doesn't just look different from any other click-and-collect solution. Its functionality is unrivaled in the market. The 16-foot tall tower offers flexible deployment options, with internal climate control for indoor or outdoor use.

Product Overview

While average “smart” lockers have set locker sizes, the PackRobot pickup tower is smarter. It uses a robotic 3D lifting system (patent pending) to measure each package’s exact dimensions. Then, it automatically selects the best location to store each package.

The PackRobot pickup tower hosts a smaller footprint. At 72 square feet, it’s perfect for retail where square footage is valuable. Within this smaller space, the PackRobot’s automation maximizes every square inch for maximum storage.

Versatile Pickup Tower

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the PackRobot pickup tower works where and when you need it. Packages remain at room temperature with a temperature controlled setting in each unit. I you need to chill or freeze food and groceries however, please contact us to learn how other solutions can fit this need.

The result: zero wasted space. Three times more capacity than regular smart locker systems. A guarantee that each package also sits safe and secured within. And, all inside minimum floor space.

Bell and Howell is the exclusive distributor of Cleveron products in North America. The powerful partnership combines innovative smart locker technology with an expert service and support organization.

Contact us today to discuss how Bell and Howell can help you deliver an amazing customer click-and-collect experience.

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