Cleveron 302 | Indoor Smart Locker

Automated Smart Package Locker with Drawers

Designed with e-commerce in mind, the Cleveron 302 indoor locker focuses on the user experience from package delivery to pickup to returns. With a modular design and unique drawer slots, the flexible Cleveron 302 works everywhere, from small apartments and retail to large universities.

Product Overview

Streamlined Package Pick-Up

With a clean, customizable design and advanced diagnostics, the Cleveron 302 indoor smart locker elevates the package pickup experience for retailers, universities and customers alike.

Cleveron 302 indoor smart locker focuses on the user-end experience of package delivery while streamlining package handling for employees. To begin, an employee scans incoming packages into the system. Each package receives a specific locker location based on size. The employee then takes the package to the Cleveron 302 terminal and scans it in. The specified locker door automatically opens, the package goes inside, and the employee shuts the door.

Integrated Smart Package Locker Technology

Upon door closure, the system notifies the customer via text message that their package is ready for pickup. The customer arrives, scans their phone or types in the code, and their locker opens for retrieval. Once the door is closed, the system updates the mail center or order management database of the retrieval in real time. The customer also receives an emailed receipt to confirm their package pick-up.

In addition to user experience, Cleveron 302 indoor smart locker focuses on the retailer’s experience. A modular column system allows businesses to choose the best drawer or door configuration layout for their store or mail center. Highly flexible, the locker sizes and placement easily adapt by replacing or adding modules of different sizes and shapes. The package locker is expandable up to 256 columns, with unique drawer slots for maximized capacity.

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