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QuickCollect Solutions Powered by Bell and Howell

Discover the art of easy with automated pickup, storage and retrieval from QuickCollect Solutions, enhancing the store experience for your customers and associates.

Automated Pickup, Storage and Retrieval

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    Comprehensive Portfolio

    From single-unit to large-scale deployment, find a scalable concept for indoor or outdoor use from the most varied suite of solutions on the market.
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    Flexible Application

    Secure asset protection to automated returns. Curbside pickup or remote pickup points. Go beyond in-store pickup to create a one-of-a-kind solution as unique as your operation.
  • Seamless Integration

    Securely connect your infrastructure’s OMS with any of our solutions without disruption to store operations.

Retail Automated Pickup

In-store smart locker pickup options to enhance the online shopping experience.

As e-commerce grows ever year, retailers of all sizes need innovative ways to speed up the online order pickup process. Choose from the fastest, most flexible automated pickup solutions on the market, from standalone retail lockers to modular units integrating into storefronts.  

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Loading a car with groceries using drive-up automated self-service grocery kiosk

Grocery Automated Pickup

Seamless self-service solutions to improve your customer’s grocery pickup experience.

Give your customers a frictionless online grocery pickup experience and increase your bottom line. Our turnkey grocery pickup solutions enable you to deliver groceries in every temperature range in one self-service kiosk. 

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Arm holding prescription retrieved from QuickCollect Rx automated prescription kiosk for pharmacy pickup and storage

Pharmacy Automated Pickup

Allow pharmacy staff to focus on patient care, not prescription delivery.

Using self-service prescription validation, storage and pickup, eliminate wait times and improve your customer’s prescription experience with pharmacy automated pickup.

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As a service-focused organization with a national footprint, Bell and Howell delivers comprehensive solutions for retail automated pickup, production mail, and industrial automation. We exist to help customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve their customer experience.