Importing Estonia Innovation

Since forming after the Soviet Union collapse in 1991, it’s fitting that Estonia has a young prime minister. A 36-year-old, he embodies the energy and enthusiasm of his fellow citizens.

The Honorable Taavi Rõivas recently visited Bell and Howell’s headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. While there, he helped introduce PackRobot to the U.S., a new solution for parcel and delivery pickup. It hails from Estonian postal technology company Cleveron.

Estonia has forged an identity as a tech-savvy Baltic nation. It creates innovations that revolutionize electronic communications, file-sharing, e-commerce and government. Some of the groundbreaking technologies from Estonia innovation include Skype Internet videoconferencing, in addition to Kazaa file-sharing.

Smart Locker Revolution

Now you can add the PackRobot intelligent locker system to that list. Both Cleveron and Bell and Howell see 15,000 parcel terminals in North America in the next five years.

That’s why Rõivas, Estonian Ambassador Eerik Marmei, and Cleveron Co-Founder Indrek Oolup led a delegation of Estonian business and academic leaders to unveil the new technology.

Also in attendance were representatives from U.S. Senator Richard Burr and Thom Tillis’s offices. Additionally, former U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Aldona Wos, and officials from the North Carolina Chamber, the North Carolina Economic Development Partnership, and Bell and Howell’s parent company, Versa Capital, attended.

CEO Dr. Ramesh Ratan remarked that Bell and Howell had a rich history of innovation. From movie cameras and slide projectors to mailing equipment and parcel-delivery solutions, the company has innovated for 100 years.

Forward-Thinking Estonia Innovation

Additionally, Cleveron and Bell and Howell staff provided a compelling demonstration of the PackRobot, and the officials shared candid remarks about technology, encrypted data cards, electronic signatures and government regulations.

Rõivas said that following Estonia’s liberation from the former Soviet Union in 1991, they had a blank slate to create new systems of payment, commerce and government transactions. He shared that Estonians can file their tax returns electronically in as little as three minutes.

It’s that type of forward-thinking innovation that Bell and Howell seeks to tap globally in order to help shape the future of mail and commerce.

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