8 Reasons to Learn About Plain Paper Factories

8 Reasons to Learn About Plain Paper Factories

Plain paper factories are quickly becoming the next evolution of print and mail operations.

There are several reasons that print and postal environments benefit from this automated approach to mailpiece creation. The majority of direct marketers use some level of personalization in their campaigns, but InfoTrends research shows that fewer than 10 percent of them use data-driven messaging on the outside of the envelope.

The days of multiple forms and envelopes that sit on a shelf until needed is quickly receding. Instead, fully automated print-to-finished mailpiece technology is taking the place of stored inventory and adding full color variable data printing on the fly.

Here are eight reasons to take a closer look at plain paper factories:

1. Reduce inventory and storage costs – a plain paper factory allows you to eliminate storing preprinted envelopes and forms. With Bell and Howell’s Inveloper system, these are created on the fly using rolls of paper. View video.  

2. Enhanced color options – quickly add inkjet color to the outside of the envelope for increased transpromotional opportunities and cross-selling/up-selling.

3. Flexible consumer envelope styles – plain paper factory systems support multiple mailpiece styles for maximum flexibility (tear off, zipper, traditional, etc.). This includes the capability to create windows with glassine and custom flap shapes.

4. Efficient processing – when compared with traditional web presses, changeover time is extremely efficient, measured in minutes rather than hours, or even days for some operations.

5. Faster time to finished piece – because there are no envelopes to fill, plain paper factory systems run more efficiently by practically eliminating jams. The paper elements are joined together smoothly, running inline with no machine or module stoppage.

6. One machine supports many applications – no need to invest in more capital to meet the service level agreements (SLAs) and mailpiece size variations of multiple customers. One machine can run the full range of envelope sizes as well as new sizes and styles.

7. Sorting to ZIP density on-the-fly – printing to five-digit accuracy allows for both postage savings and inline commingling.

8. High-impact marketing – these systems allow for virtually limitless color composition options for each mailpiece. You can get multivariate testing rather than being restricted to stock envelope A/B testing.

Plain paper factory solutions can save time, costs and space, increase efficiency, provide enhanced flexibility, and deliver more impactful and personalized messaging. It’s imperative that your marketing messages are highly effective and generate the highest response rates at the lowest cost possible. Plain Paper Factories can help you achieve those objectives.


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