Designed for indoor or outdoor environments, and with adjustable internal climate control. The PackRobot can be used for applications ranging from e-Commerce parcel delivery to those involving temperature-sensitive food and groceries.

Unlike traditional smart lockers that use a fixed number of pre-set locker sizes, PackRobot uses a 3D lift system (patent pending) that measures each parcel’s dimensions and dynamically configures a locker slot to optimally secure the parcel.

The result: no wasted space and capacity for three times more parcels than conventional smart lockers. 


Delivery Innovation of the Year: PackRobot by Cleveron, and Bell and Howell - Click here to read about the award.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible deployment options – environmentally hardened design with internal climate control allows for use outdoors and indoors

  • Efficient use of available space – dynamic storage system (patent pending) holds up to 500 variable sized parcels in a footprint under 5m2

  • Convenient operation – with a touch-free user interface, integrated smartphone app and the high-speed lift, consumers are able to retrieve a parcel in as little as 10 seconds

  • High security and delivery integrity – every parcel is photographed, automatically weighed and measured to ensure the right package is securely delivered to the right recipient


  • 2.5m x 3.4m x 4.9m (L x W x H)

Operating Temperature Range

  • -15°C to +45°C


  • 208/220/230/240 VAC
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Single phase
  • 20A max current

Control console with

  • touchscreen
  • 2d scanner
  • motion detector
  • three-stage door
  • security photo camera
  • Parcel gateway with
  • automatic measuring
  • automatic weighing
  • security photo camera
  • 3-D parcel lift (2 m/sec)
  • Eight columns for parcel trays
  • Weatherproof and insulated outer shell

Facade with:

  • optional shade
  • optional screen for promotions

Max. parcel dimensions

  • 60cm x 40cm x 40 cm (L x W x H)
Datasheet: PackRobot
Blog: Importing Estonian Innovations

PackRobot: Automated Parcel Terminal from Bell and Howell on YouTube.

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