Omnichannel Communication

CX Touchpoints℠

Bridging the Gap Between Insights and Engagement


The continued growth of customer touchpoints makes it difficult to sustain meaningful and effective customer communications across print, digital and social media platforms. Additionally, implementing new technology has a host of challenges, ranging from substantial up-front costs to migrating legacy infrastructure and applications.
Introducing CX Touchpoints℠ – a fully integrated, cloud-based omnichannel communications solution that unifies and simplifies dynamic and personalized communications in a user-intuitive software platform.
Empower your organization to retain and delight customers by improving the timing, accuracy and content of each communication, while reducing the overall cost of delivering a great customer experience.      

CX Touchpoints by Bell and Howell


A Guaranteed ROI

CX Touchpoints℠ is a Customer Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution, meaning you pay per customer as you grow. This fixed-price model reduces your overall cost by allowing unlimited communications and unlimited lines of business for one low monthly price. Since the solution is cloud-based, there are no upfront capital costs and no need to create and maintain your own hosting environment.
So, focus on your customers. Let us handle the operational, technical and process aspects of your business’s digital transformation. Our unparalleled end-to-end reporting and communication tracking capabilities ensures that your business operates within a real-time ecosystem.

Bell and Howell’s CX Touchpoints℠ Components


At the heart of every CX Touchpoints℠ solution is our one-stop digital CX Omnichannel Services℠ platform. It also provides advanced ancillary services to help organizations fill adjacent service gaps, streamline the migration of restrictive legacy systems, and remove operational obstacles.

CX Omnichannel Services℠
Map and influence the entire customer journey, from real-time and legacy analytics, to batch and interactive composition, using our fully-integrated omnichannel dashboard.

CX Onboarding Services℠
Expedite and simplify the migration of legacy, print-based applications with our post-composition function.

CX Print Services℠
Make the digital transformation from internal print-to-mail operations easily, using our full complement of managed print-to-mail and print-on-demand services.

CX Factory Intelligence Services℠
Capture mail and content information using our IQ and JETVision® technology, which centralizes the data and passes it back to the CX Touchpoints dashboard, for end-to-end reporting and business analytics.

CX Address Hygiene Services℠
Maximize postal savings and dynamically pull user demographic data for enhanced, personalized messaging for any touchpoint.

CX Self Services℠
Enable the use of conversational user interfaces such as chatbot and artificial intelligence. Additionally, quickly create and roll out white-labeled mobile applications to present content, enable e-Pay services and record every consumer touchpoint for enhanced preference management.

CX Professional Services℠
Partner with our expert application designers and solution architects to offset IT resource needs, while filling skill gaps on all aspects of customer communication design.

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