CX Touchpoints Components

CX Touchpoints Components

Bell and Howell’s CX Touchpoints℠ is a truly comprehensive omnichannel communication management solution in a user-intuitive, cloud based platform. Meaning, it intricately weaves together all aspects of physical and digital customer communications to optimize the timing, accuracy and content of each customer touchpoint.

CX Omnichannel Services℠

Bell and Howell's CX Omnichannel Services platform is the heart of our CX Touchpoints solution.

The platform pulls a customer's data from internal and external sources, while running it through a normalization and aggregation process. The result is a relational database, which passes through a business rules creation process to generate dynamic communication with targeted content. Since business and marketing professionals are in the driver seat to create content, we've removed the operational barriers that hinder dynamic communications.

Once the communication is delivered to the customer on their preferred channel, the platform aggregates the incoming data (email deliveries, opens and click-through rates) and sends it back to the relational database.

By utilizing the business analytics and reporting feature, businesses can leverage the data and content to enable real-time decision making to drive consumer behavior through the entire customer lifecycle.

CX Onboarding Services℠

The reality for most organizations is that they must support multiple legacy systems and applications because the time and cost to migrate each application can hinder an organization’s ability to leverage new technology, even if it can significantly improve business processes.
CX Onboarding Services streamlines and simplifies the migration of legacy applications into the CX Omnichannel Services platform. It’s a post-composition utility that enables organizations to quickly convert, index and onboard applications that can then be processed and tracked through the CX TouchPoints dashboard.

CX Print Services℠

CX Print Services offers managed print-to-mail and print-on-demand services as part of our subscription-based  solution. Bell and Howell has partnered with trusted and certified print providers to accommodate the needs of our clients. These providers offer a full complement of print services and can also be leveraged to provide capacity overflow, disaster recovery, or business resumption services.

CX Factory Intelligence Services℠

As digital communication tracking and reporting escalates, so too does the need analyze print-to-mail performance more closely. Production operations need to be able to drill down to piece level, and at times, content level information, to maximize efficiencies.

CX Factory Intelligence Services provides this data with real-time metrics on both the physical and digital communications that can be correlated and leveraged for maximum impact.

CX Address Hygiene Services℠

Physical mail is still a significant part of the communications ecosystem and needs to comply with USPS address hygiene standards. Bell and Howell offers CASS and PAVE services to ensure compliance with NCOA regulations and digital presort services that optimize postal sorting schemes to maximize postal savings.

CX Address Hygiene Services also enables a link to a consumer knowledge base service that can dynamically pull user demographic data to further personalize messaging and content destined for any channel.

CX Self Services℠

Autonomous self-service improves the overall customer experience, with mobile technology and conversational user interfaces being the primary platforms for this type of interaction. Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and mobile applications are the most cost-effective and productive channels for businesses to communicate with and inform the consumer’s behavior.

CX Self Services enables businesses to implement conversational user interfaces to turn communications into conversations. Mobile mail and application design services empower businesses to simplify and accelerate the creation and roll out white-labeled mobile applications that present content, enable ePay services and record consumer interactions.

CX Professional Services℠

Critical IT resources are in great demand and are usually consumed by existing priorities and projects, preventing many organizations from being able to implement omnichannel services in-house.

Bell and Howell’s CX Professional Services can provide ad-hock resources to offset capacity needs and fill skill gaps on all aspects of customer communication design and lifecycle. We also provide enterprise consulting services for customer journey mapping, business outcome strategy and infrastructure transformation initiatives.

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