Bell and Howell has teamed with Otto Künnecke to bring the CASSilo card attachment secure system to the North American market. This system is designed to meet the needs of medium-volume card attachment operations where reliability is paramount.

The beginning of a new card mailing generation

CASSilo is the reliable 7 x 24 answer for your card mailing requirements: it is flexible, modular, easy to operate and is the perfect solution for small batch handling. The CASSilo is designed to run in multiple environments. It supports an array of data types and reaches a throughput of more than 3,000 cards per hour. The system is operator friendly and easy to set up.

The CASSilo can be equipped with various modules, including card processing and form feeding. With the card attachment module, up to 8 cards can be selectively affixed on the carrier.

The CASSilo can also encode cards with unique customer information. A high-integrity inserting module can be integrated, enabling an end-to-end finishing process.

The CASSilo is highly flexible in optimizing and reducing set-up times: Microsoft Word templates can be used to print the card carrier, allowing easy integration with virtually any operational environment.

Specifications For Form Feeding:

  • Cut-sheet printer
  • Color printer
  • One-up / two-up
  • Cut-sheet feeder
  • Continuous form feeder
  • Multiple feeding channels
Card Processing
  • Card turning
  • Card rotating
  • Label application
  • Up to ten input magazines
  • Reading and verification of electronic data
  • Magazines from all Perso Systems supplies usable
Post Processing
  • Metering
  • Labeling
  • Distraction
  • Personalization
  • Sorting/grouping
  • Special functions
  • Verification and control
Card Attachment
  • Card Rotating
  • Selective card attachment
  • Cards from different magazines
  • Up to eight different cards can be attached
  • No fold
  • Half fold
  • C-fold
  • Z-fold
Card Personalization
  • Magstripe encoding (Hico/Loco)
  • Thermal transfer
  • Ink-jet
Form Processing
  • Security label attachment
  • Carrier verification
  • Nesting
  • #10 and 6" x 9"
  • Personalized inserts
  • Additional feeding station channels
  • Combination of feeding technologies
  • Verification of enclosures and envelopes
Datasheet: CASSilo

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