Pharma Factory

Pharma Factory


Proven Track & Trace Technology and Data Management Software Trusted in More Than 6000 Installations.


All pharmaceutical manufacturers are challenged to become serialization and data management experts as global authorities formulate new standards and laws. This data includes records detailing product information such as product ID, lot numbers and ownership. Additionally, the records need to be reliably maintained with each transaction being documented as the product moves through the supply chain, in order to provide a complete event history and chain of custody. The compiled information must then be fully interoperable to the entire supply chain and to governing bodies.




Customized for pharmaceutical industry demands, PharmaFactory uses dependable iQ and JETVision technologies to track and trace items through their supply chain. Starting from the serialization of a single unit, through bundling, case packing, palletizing, and aggregation and de-aggregation in the warehouse, the PharmaFactory solution ensures reliable and transferable product history data. Through Line Management, each production line can be monitored and optimized from a single, remote point of control. Operational Management software gives enterprise-level vision into all aspects of Serialization, Production, Quality and Materials to establish data transparency and ensure compliance with all regulations.

Bell and Howell’s command of the hardware and software requirements for securely-tracked parcels and mail translates seamlessly to bridge this gap. Moreover, our robust L1/L2/L3 solutions are backed by our industry leading service organization, available 24/7 to keep your production running.

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