CleverFlex by Cleveron

CleverFlex by Cleveron

Next-generation of retail click-and-collect solutions

As e-commerce continues to grow in the double digits year-over-year, retailers of all sizes are looking for innovative, modern solutions to expedite and automate the online order pickup process.
Introducing CleverFlex by Cleveron, the newest addition to the Bell and Howell Click-and-Collect Solution Family. CleverFlex provides traditional brick-and-mortar retailers with the fastest, most flexible and most intuitive automated self-service smart locker solution on the market.

Increased Flexibility

Designed for high-volume package delivery, CleverFlex can store nearly 2,500 packages at any given time. The storage capacity can be adjusted to provide a more comprehensive solution for traditional retailers. The system’s modular design can easily be integrated into a store’s interior wall or installed as a standalone unit, requiring minimal footprint. The height of the CleverFlex is especially well-suited for traditional retailer locations with 12-foot ceilings.

Rapid Delivery

CleverFlex is the next-generation solution for providing an enhanced in-store pickup experience for click-and-collect customers. With its touchscreen user interface and integrated smartphone app technology, customers can now retrieve a package in as little as 10 seconds. Additionally, retailers will enjoy faster parcel induction times for those high-volume holiday seasons.

Self-Learning Intelligence

CleverFlex elevates the world of smart locker technology to the next level. Using its own historical usage data, each system can predict future utilization and optimize its workflow and internal storage space for peak traffic times.
Additionally, Bell and Howell includes its remote monitoring and IoT-enabled services capabilities with each unit. These advanced analytic services allows us to remotely diagnose problems, improves first-time-fixes (FTF), increase overall performance and even service our customers’ machines before they know there might be an issue.

Bell and Howell is the exclusive distributor of Cleveron products in North America. The partnership is a powerful combination of the most innovative smart locker technology and the industry's most extensive service and support organization.

CleverFlex is currently being piloted at several major retailers around the world, including Inditex in Spain and the largest retailer in the United States.

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