Vote by Mail Continues to Gain Ground

Vote by Mail Continues to Gain Ground

Election Day is less than two weeks away, but for millions of Americans it’s already arrived.
More and more voters in the United States are participating in elections via vote by mail. And if the trend of recent presidential election cycles continues, the number of people voting in such nontraditional ways could top 50 million by the time all the votes are counted.
In 2012, more than 46 million voters – almost 36 percent of the total – cast ballots in some manner other than at a traditional polling place on Election Day, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of state and federal election data. That figure includes 23.3 million people who cast civilian or military absentee ballots, 16.9 million who voted early (that is, in person during a specific period leading up to Election Day) and 6.3 million who mailed in their ballots.
And while this process may improve services for voters, it creates a problem for election administrators looking to efficiently manage their workload. There are numerous steps involved in manually processing a mail ballot accurately, which can often slow down the processing time and speed, while increasing personnel and man hours.
This article provides terrific insights in to how one county’s Registrar of Voter’s Office found a solution that combined multiple steps into a “single-pass” processing system. The solution not only automated all the steps and reduced the processing time of ballots, but also reduced its workload in staff time processing vote by mail ballots.
Additionally, this video highlights how California’s Ventura County’s elections division efficiently processes vote by mail requests and ballots using Bell and Howell solutions.

Here's a cool video on the company's Criterion® Elevate, a sorting system that meets the high-speed mail processing needs of organizations with strict space limitations. The Elevate is ideal for processing vote by mail envelopes and mail ballots at rates up to 18,000 per hour.


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