Enhancing the Room Service Experience

Enhancing the Room Service Experience

From free nights to in-room massages and personal chefs, hotels are offering plenty of perks and amenities to drive customer loyalty.
However, these benefits are often available only to select clientele. But features and experiences that all guests can enjoy during their hotel stay can also improve customer loyalty. 
One such feature that is gaining traction is autonomous delivery robots. California-based Savioke’s Relay is at the forefront of this technology. Relay is a room service robot that delivers items to a hotel guestroom quickly, safely and autonomously. With the ability to operate elevators and navigate crowds, Relay delivers a unique guest experience by moving and interacting seamlessly with the humans that it serves.

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Robot as a Service (RaaS)
Technological advancements, such as delivery robots, will play a critical role in the future of guest services as they can greatly improve the overall guest experience. As millennials become a key business travel demographic, their preference of autonomous, self-service experiences will continue to shape the future of hospitality.

This is why many hotels are beginning to utilize robots as a key part of their customer service approach. Bell and Howell is a strategic partner responsible for installation, remote monitoring and providing support for Savioke’s North American customers.

This partnership allows hospitality companies to deliver the ultimate guest experience by leveraging the latest technology backed by the most expertise and the best service.
Check out Relay in action.


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