The Value of Preventative Maintenance in Print and Mail

The Value of Preventative Maintenance in Print and Mail

The goal of a successful preventative maintenance program is establishing consistent practices designed to improve equipment performance and safety. But there is also a great debate on whether a preventative maintenance program is worth having in place.
Many print and mail production operations are employing preventative maintenance programs in order to avoid larger, costly fixes down the line, according to Jim Feely, Senior Vice President of Global Services for Bell and Howell.
These include:
Cost savings
Unplanned downtime can result in idle employees, halting the production line, missed deadlines and long-term damage to a brand.
Increased efficiency
Measuring performance and creating standards for preventative maintenance is key to a successful operation.
Decreased equipment downtime
A preventative maintenance program helps plan for scheduled downtime, improving an equipment’s ability to keep running at peak performance levels.
Improved reliability
Preventative maintenance can also help a company be a more reliable business partner. Customers can count on a company to deliver products or a service on time without unnecessary delays.
Conservation of assets
Most printing and mail equipment is not inexpensive. But the better the company cares for its equipment, the longer it will last. Preventative maintenance prolongs the life of a system resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.

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