Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis over the last several weeks, and continue to do so. As appropriate we have been in communication with our supply chain sources, as well as taking action and providing information and updates to our employees, and to customers who have inquired as to any potential impact COVID-19 may have to the products and services provided by Bell and Howell to them.

With respect to our workforce, we have instituted updated travel guidelines banning all non-essential international travel, and requiring senior management level pre-approval for any international travel deemed to be essential. Further, in addition to following any applicable site screening/access requirements at customer sites that Bell and Howell sales and service personnel may be visiting, Bell and Howell employees are required to notify Human Resources if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, as well as upon returning from any international location prior to returning to work, whether such return to work is at a Bell and Howell or a customer facility. We are also sending out company-wide communications as appropriate, advising our employees on CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of germs.

Bell and Howell has a significant deployment of service personnel throughout North America who follow a service escalation protocol and have 24/7 access to Bell and Howell’s Technical Assistance Center as needed. In the event of any anticipated COVID-19 material impact to Bell and Howell’s ability to provide services at a particular site, Bell and Howell service personnel would be in close contact with Service Management in order to be responsive to any redeployment or other BCP directives appropriate in light of the specific nature of the event and impacted area(s) in an effort to fulfill ongoing obligations.

We typically have on hand an average 60 day supply of spare parts in our total network. We are reviewing our safety stock on an ongoing basis and where appropriate increasing levels on all materials supplied by our international business partners. We do not source any parts directly from China; however, for those suppliers that provide assemblies that could contain components from China, we remain in constant contact and currently they are in a good inventory position.

We have confirmed with each domestic high risk material parts source that they either have sufficient inventory domestically and/or are confident that the production capacity of their suppliers is sufficient at this time. The consistent message from these suppliers is that they have not seen the supply of material impacted due to this situation. In fact, they have indicated that in most cases they have excess inventory on hand.

Additionally, we remain in constant communication with our international carriers to assess this situation and they are preparing contingency plans in the event it is required.

We will keep you updated should our global or domestic supply chain change significantly in the future.