The Value of Preventative Maintenance – the Internet of Things

The Value of IoT Preventive Maintenance: Internet of Things JULY 25, 2016 The term, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” still applies to many organizations. And yet, for many years, IoT preventive maintenance has been the gold standard across industries. The goal of a successful preventative maintenance program is establishing consistent practices designed to […]

Technology As a Service: A Different Approach

Technology As a Service: A Different Approach  JUNE 30, 2015 When you hear the term “service” in the electromechanical fields, most people would envision a blue-collar professional who may be very adept at his job but has limited experience and/or education.He shows up, does the job, and departs. It’s a very reactive, task-centered approach to [...]

The Value of Customer Communications

The Value of Customer Communications APRIL 17, 2015 Many organizations in mature industries don't recognize the value in customer communications. Telecom, insurance, finance, banking and print-for-pay service bureaus lag behind. Mature industries expand via mergers and acquisitions, resulting in bolted-on business applications. These can, in turn, complicate the communication and marketing processes. These bolt-ons exist [...]