Report: Retail Click-and-Collect Experience – A Consumer’s Perspective

Report: Retail Click-and-Collect Experience – A Consumer’s Perspective MAY 11, 2017 In the age of evolving consumer preferences enabled by digital technologies, retail customers continue demanding convenience and ease of use while shopping online. Additionally, they want instant gratification of purchasing items in the store, and increasingly, a combination of the two. To this effect, […]

Finally Catching Up to e-Commerce

Finally Catching Up to e-Commerce MAY 08, 2017 Several brick-and-mortar stores have lost a chunk of the market share because of their resistance to online shopping. Case in point — Toys ‘R’ Us. Finally, the company revamps its e-commerce in efforts to win back customers who abandoned it for places like Walmart and Amazon. The […]

Walmart Click-and-Collect Takes on e-Commerce Retailers

Walmart Click-and-Collect Takes on e-Commerce Retailers APRIL 19, 2017 As brick-and-mortar stores lose customers who typically shop online, retail giant Walmart click-and-collect strategy is stepping in. They offer something e-commerce giants such as Amazon can’t: physical stores to pick up their items. Starting April 19, customers can access discounts on about 10,000 items on Walmart’s […]

Highlights from Shoptalk (Day Two): Putting Innovation Into Action

Shoptalk Day 2: Putting Innovation Into Action MARCH 21, 2017 In this year’s conference, Shoptalk Day 2 featured discussions about concrete problems and solutions in the real-world evolution of e-commerce. The inspiration and innovation I learned about sound easy when compared to implementation. But in business, when the rubber hits the road, you must learn about your customers, prove your capabilities and grow. […]

Digging into the Click-and-Collect for Retailers

Digging into Click-and-Collect for Retailers FEBRUARY 28, 2017 The shopping landscape is shifting. Rather than shipping packages to home addresses, shoppers can choose to buy online and pickup in store. This buy online, pickup in store option (BOPIS) alters the future of ecommerce. Choosing click-and-collect for retailers makes a business competitive in a digital age. […]

Importing Estonia Innovation

Importing Estonia Innovation MARCH 31, 2016 Since forming after the Soviet Union collapse in 1991, it’s fitting that Estonia has a young prime minister. A 36-year-old, he embodies the energy and enthusiasm of his fellow citizens. The Honorable Taavi Rõivas recently visited Bell and Howell’s headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. While there, he helped introduce PackRobot […]