Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS):

Download the Research, Stats & Trends from Secret Shoppers

What do the top 10 US retailers have in common? They’re using Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) to fuel sales growth – up by 46% in 2018. It’s a unique experience for consumers and savvy tactic for retailers, who see the needle move when customers make an online purchase but choose pickup at a physical store over home delivery.

300 secret shoppers went undercover at retail locations across the US to answer the question: what makes the BOPIS process a success? And where do retailers fall flat? Uncover their findings in the BOPIS State of the Industry Research.

BOPIS Shopper Satisfaction Scores

Download to Discover:

  • Which retailers come out on top in customers’ BOPIS experience
  • How secret shoppers conducted their research
  • What factors fueled the most positive BOPIS experiences
  • Where the BOPIS experience breaks down – and how to fix it
  • And more.


Research, Stats & Trends from Secret Shoppers

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