Postal PreSort Service

Postal PreSort Service

Pre-sort organizations that rely on Bell and Howell services include a wide range of industries, such as banking and financial services, healthcare, government, publishing, retail, transportation, utilities, commercial and industrial manufacturing. Reliability and maximizing savings is paramount.


  • Meeting their CSA with USPS and USPS® induction times
  • Non-read mail
  • Non-automated mail
  • Handling multiple-weight pieces and pieces ineligible for automation discounts
  • Difficult-to-read pieces

Our Solution

By using a more efficient workflow, our customers are able to reduce the expenses associated with operating the sorting department. A by-product of this is an increase in flexibility to meet CSA with the USPS.

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Bell and Howell offers our award-winning Bell and Howell Services to other manufacturers too. Whether your company product sales are exceeding your service capabilities or you simply want to outsource some service functions, we can help you grow your business. Take a look at the services we can provide other product manufacturers.

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